Not in Out Town opens the fall season for “Continuing Conversations on Race and White Prejudice” on Monday, October 4, at 7:30 p.m. at the Princeton Public Library. The discussion will focus on a Lena Williams article that turned into a video and a book. Barbara Figge Fox and LeRhonda Greats will lead the discussion. The 10-minute video is available for viewing online from the Princeton Public Library website, but everyone is welcome, whether or not they have seen the video or read anything from the book.

Little Things: When Prejudice Is Unintentional was an ABC News program that explored the kinds of incidents and behavior that prompted The New York Times reporter Lena Williams to write an article entitled, “The Everyday Interactions that Get under the Skin of Blacks and Whites.” Focus groups polled and interviewed on the subject reveal how statements, gestures, and even body language can be interpreted—rightly or wrongly—as racial prejudice.

Williams expanded her New York Times article into a paperback book. For an excerpt from the book, click here

Here’s another excerpt.

Those with a Princeton Public Library can access the video here via Films on Demand.

It’s a powerful video and an intriguing book, sure to elicit valuable discussion.