During our Continuing Conversations meeting at the Princeton Public Library on Monday (November 1), I mentioned the article that was written in Hun’s student newspaper. I said that I would post it just in case people are interested in hearing what our young people are thinking these days. To compliment that article I am also including an article from Newsweek that I believe adds to the discussion. Also below is the email that I sent inviting students and faculty to join our Black Student Union discussions.

I am so inspired by our monthly discussions about race and I enjoy comparing the historic battles for civil rights with my daily challenges right here in Princeton. My ultimate goal is to make those who fought and died for the cause of diversity to not have done so in vain. I do not have to battle dogs and water hoses but I do feel like this continues to be a cause worth fighting. I am grateful to those involved with NIOT and Continuing Conversations because you remind me that I am not alone.

LeRhonda Greats

Below is LeRhonda’s email re the Black Student Union:
On Thursday, November 4 the Black Student Union will meet in room 119.

All are welcome.
Come out for food and lively discussions.

The club’s mission is to act as an affinity group [common interest relating to a particular characteristic commonly associated with diversity, such as race or gender] for black students. It is NOT on campus to divide our student body. There are a small group of students who identify themselves as black and Hun is attempting to offer a time and place for them to share their experiences together.

Even if you are not black but are interested in hearing about topics that affect the black community both here at Hun and in the world, please join us. If you have ever just wondered why there is a Black Student Union on campus, come and find out why this group is important. I have attached an article from Newsweek that illustrates some of the topics that we discuss in the Black Student Union. This open invitation is designed to let everyone know the overall goal of having different affinity groups such as BSU, The Cultural Exchange Club, The Diversity Club, Gay/Straight Alliance and others that are here on our campus.

We hope to see you there during activities period!

Ms. Greats