What happens when young people are traumatized? A “quorum of horror,” teenagers who were traumatized by the terror of 9/11, have assembled in New York. Clyde Haberman wrote about it today for the New York Times, “Wounded by Terrorism, Teenagers From 5 Nations Share Stories.”

Time doesn’t always heal, says Sarri Singer, co-founder of One Heart Global, a nonprofit organization “that seeks to help victims of terrorism who have lasting physical and psychological scars.”

“The thinking behind the teenagers’ visit this week was that they might benefit from sharing their stories,” Haberman wrote.

“If you can’t get the words out, it can become a block, and be disruptive,” said an adult chaperone from Ireland. “When you’re young, you think you’re the only one experiencing something like that.” Showing them that they are not alone, she said, can only do good.