Not in Our Town Princeton
February 13, 2012
St. Paul’s Church

a continuation of the meeting
begun on January 9, 2012

St. Paul’s Church

Attending: Ted Fetter, Barbara Fox, Wilma Solomon, Larry Spruill, Nancy Strong, Marietta
Taylor, Joyce Turner, Ann Yasuhara

1. Financial report 2011: The 2011 Financial Report was distributed, discussed, and approved.
NIOT began 2011 with a balance of $2,477.27; had an income of $1,304.94; incurred expenses
of $672.75; and ended 2011 with a balance of $3,109.46. It was noted that there were no major
expenses in 2011. However, it is anticipated that expenses for 2012 will be greater in light of
the programs presently underway which will involve speaker/facilitator honorariums.

2. Review of 2011 activities: The NIOT 2011 Annual Report of Activities was distributed and
discussed. In addition to NIOT’s monthly Continuing Conversations on Race and the annual
Unity Award Program, NIOT initiated or participated as a co-sponsor in four public programs:
Stand Against Racism with YWCA; Community Round-Table on Immigration with LALDEF
(Latin American Legal Defense Education and Education Fund); Light in the Darkness, NIOT’s
first program in its “Bullying” series, with Princeton Public Library; Prince Among Slaves, with
Princeton Public Library. It was suggested that NIOT’s annual review of activities should be
sent to our supporting faith communities, as well as posted on the NIOT blog.

3. Date for 2012 Annual Meeting: January 14, 2013.

4. Confirmation of election of 2012 officers:
• President: Wilma Solomon
• Vice-President: Ted Fetter
• Treasurer: Elizabeth
• Secretary: Nancy Strong

5. The following issues were identified for work in the coming year, along with the decision
to begin by setting up small working groups which would meet over the summer and
present recommendations to the committee of the whole in the fall:
• Expansion of membership
• Review of of communication tasks
• Strengthening alliances with African-American and Latino social action
individuals and groups, especially among youth.

Submitted by Marietta Taylor
February 13, 2012