The  NJ Opportunity to Compete Act, otherwise known as Ban the Box will be before the State Senate on Thursday June 13. The Campaign to End the New Jim Crow, Princeton Chapter, is staging a rally beginning at 9:30, Please urge members of the committee to support the bill. 

The Campaign to End The New Jim Crow  Princeton Chapter
The New Jersey Senate Labor Committee has called a public hearing on Thursday, June 13th, 2013 on proposed legislation S2586 also known as the Opportunity to Compete Act or Ban the Box. This legislation would remove obstacles to employment for people with prior criminal records. Racial and ethnic disparities are reflected in incarceration rates. According to the Pew Center on the States, one in 106 white men, one in 36 Hispanic men, and one in 15 African American men are incarcerated. 

Approximately 65 million Americans are potentially affected by continuing the practice of requiring individuals to admit to a prior criminal record on employment applications across the nation. Research has shown that many people with prior criminal records do not pose any greater risk of future criminal actions than people with no criminal history and are equally qualified, trustworthy and reliable candidates for employment.
Securing employment is an essential and necessary step for re-integration into society and research has demonstrated that securing employment significantly reduces the risk of recidivism.

Please take a few moments to urge members of the NJ Senate Labor Committee to support the Opportunity to Compete Act:
Senator Fred Madden – Chair:
(856) 232-6700 (Turnersville)
(856) 401-3073 (Laurel Springs)
Senator Richard Codey – Vice Chair:
(973) 535-5017
Senator Dawn Marie Addiego:
(609) 654-1498
Senator Anthony Bucco:
(973) 627-9700
Senator Sandra Cunningham – Sponsor of S2586:
(201) 451-5100


Always remember to be polite and courteous:

“Hi, (state your name). I am calling to ask the Senator to support the Opportunity to Compete Act, S2586. In a period of high unemployment, particularly for our low income neighborhoods, it is essential to dismantle any irrational barriers to appropriate employment for people who are ready and willing to work.
The  Opportunity to Compete (Ban the Box) Act addresses a barrier for people at a crucial point in their lives, when they are most likely to need and be motivated to seek employment – on their return from incarceration.  It provides a carefully constructed approach to fairness in hiring that intelligently protects the interests of job applicants, potential employers and the community.
By including enforcement provisions, it also provides a structural imperative to counter the stigma against former offenders which serves no one.
I urge you, therefore, to move Senator Cunningham’s bill forward, and demonstrate your commitment to fairness and constructive social policy.”