Sherrilyn A. Ifill , the president and director-counsel of the N.A.A.C.P. Legal Defense and Education Fund Inc., wrote about the pending Supreme Court decision on affirmative action in the New York Times today. Quoted below in italics:

Greater classroom diversity helps ensure that minority and white students alike are prepared for leadership at a time of rapid demographic change.

That diversity includes class. To serve as their state’s leaders one day, students at the University of Texas and the University of Maryland will need to understand that not all blacks are poor, not all whites are rich, and not all Latino students speak Spanish.

– – –

A recent New York Times poll showed that most Americans support affirmative action.

If there is public discomfort, it is precisely because race still does matter, because it still resonates so powerfully in American life. This is evidence that we need more contact among students of different races, not less.

In March, Race VS Class was the topic for Continuing Conversations on Race at the Princeton Public Library. NIOT does not disclose details of these discussions.

Side note: Sherrilyn, an attorney, does happen to be the cousin of Gwen.