Egun Omode is on its 6th production season with adaptation of it’s first production, “AWO,” and comes to Trenton’s Mill Hill Playhouse on December 16-18, 2016. Check for further information.

AWO (Ah-wo, the Yoruba word for secrets).
”AWO”: A West African (Yoruba) production that follows Feyisara at the primordial stages of discovering her destiny (ayanmo). Feyisara travels back home after 2 years of learning awo (the secrets) of long life and enduring prosperity from her elder (orisa), Olokun. Along her journey, she acquires wisdom from the wise gatekeeper and is challenged to overcome many obstacles. Will she survive? What lessons will Feyisara learn from this journey? How will Ifa and the wise Babalawo help her along this path?