All of these programs will take place via video conferencing – all you need is a computer and telephone to fully participate!

1.Patterns of Privilege: Their Impact on Our Sense of Belonging and Worth with Sarah Peyton – Saturday, April 8, 9:00-10:30am Pacific Time

In this one-session, $25 course, Sarah will be exploring the neuroscience of privilege, and answering a variety of probing questions, such as, Why are we blind to privilege in ourselves and others? How does our brain structure create privilege? and many others.

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 2.Seeing the Impact of Power and Privilege: Fishbowl Discussions with Mary Mackenzie, Alan Seid, Roxy Manning, Dian Killian and Jeff Brown – Saturdays, 9:00-10:30am – FREE

Each “Fishbowl” contains a moderator and a small group of people who’ll be having a conversation around one topic in full view of a larger group of listeners. Here are our moderators and their topics of conversation:

  • April 22 ~ Jeff Brown

How Privilege / Lack of Privilege Affects White People

  • May 6 ~ Alan Seid

How Privilege / Lack of Privilege Affects Men

  • May 20 ~ Myself and Dian Killian

How Privilege / Lack of Privilege Affects Women

  • June 3 ~ Roxy Manning

How Privilege / Lack of Privilege Affects People of Color

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3.Removing Our Blinders: Seeing the Impact of Power and Privilege, FridaySunday, June 9-11 with  keynote speaker, Shakti Butler and trainers, Roxy Manning, Victor Lewis, Dian Killian, Jeyanthy Siva, Kristin Masters, Miki Kashtan and Mary Mackenzie.

This conference is designed to transform us and our communities by accepting, learning, and stepping up in ways that will empower all. It’s time to stand up and acknowledge the impact and power privilege has, and to discover ways to decrease the divide between ourselves and others.

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