Talking about race can evoke fear, anger, misunderstanding. So it often remains the elephant in the room. This panel discussion asks the question, “What do we lose when we don’t talk about race and how could our lives improve if we did?”
Why this issue?
In the post-Obama era, data shows that white and black communities are still severely divided. Race plays into so many parts of our daily lives – education, policing, work, incarceration, how we see each other, what neighborhoods we live in, and on and on.
The entire country is at a crossroads and divisions across race, class, and gender seem even more fraught. How do we come together as a country? Will we ever be post-racial? We’ll talk about these things and more.

Dan K. Williams, Ph.D. – Director of Urban Initiatives at Biblical Seminary
Shane Claiborne – Best-selling Author, Speaker and Activist
Marybeth Gasman, Ph.D. – Professor of Higher Education, University of Pennsylvania
Howard Stevenson, Ph.D. – Professor of Urban Education and Africana Studies, University of Pennsylvania; Executive Director of the Racial Empowerment Collaborative (REC)
Errin Whack – Urban Affairs Reporter for The Associated Press

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