Shannon Cofrin Gaggero describes the racism problem in her so-called liberal neighborhood and how concerned residents responded.  “My neighborhood, like so many across the country, has a racial profiling problem on our online community forums. I live in a predominately White, affluent community in Atlanta, Georgia comprised of nearly 8,000 residents. Despite our reputation as a liberal enclave, on Nextdoor, a social media site that purports to connect neighbors, people of color are criminalized on a nearly daily basis while White people doing the same things are extended compassion and understanding.

Neighbors share “be on the look out” posts when Black transients are seen in our neighborhood, while a White transient is fiercely protected — a beloved fixture in our community, actually.

People share security videos of unkempt Black people opening Amazon packages and call for “locking up those thugs!” Similar videos of White people stealing patio furniture and decor are met with concern over their mental well-being.”