A conversation and Q&A with Dr. Cinthya Chin Herrera

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Why We Gather. After a record-setting number of deportations under the Obama Administration, Donald Trump is making good on his campaign promise to outdo his predecessor. Undocumented immigrant adults are mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, grandparents, neighbors, community members, and workers. The prospect and realities of often violent ICE raids, detentions, and deportations are potentially traumatizing, not only for them, but also for the children who love them, depend on them, and are only sometimes forcibly removed alongside them. Join us for a conversation about the threats and challenges facing children in families and communities marked by undocumented or “mixed” immigration status.

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8:30 to 8:50 pm ET: EmbraceRace Co-founders, Andrew Grant-Thomas and Melissa Giraud, introduce and interview Dr. Cinthya Chin Herrera.
8:50 to 9:30 pm ET: Your comments and questions discussed, sometimes answered.

Dr. Cinthya Chin Herrera is a child and family psychologist whose work centers on providing culturally sensitive, trauma-informed services to vulnerable children, youth, and families in community-based mental health settings.  In her roles as therapist, assessor, professor, supervisor, and author, Dr. Chin Herrera draws upon her Nicaraguan, Mexican, and Chinese roots and her experience as an immigrant to the United States to inform her practice.  She works to inform other professionals who serve youth and families of the many faces of trauma that exist within communities.  Her written work has addressed the importance of collaboration, advocacy, and empowerment in cross-cultural therapeutic work.