Dear friends and supporters of Not in Our Town Princeton,

As you know, the work of Not in Our Town to address issues of racism and ongoing white privilege – white supremacy, really – continues with an expanding influence and following.  We feel very good about the work we are doing with people like you – participating in programs like our Racial Literacy series and our monthly Continuing Conversations on Race and White Privilege, and talking about these all-important issues within your own circles of friends, family, and coworkers.  Thank you for that.

With the help of our local partners, we’ve been able to increase our reach using only volunteers and a small budget to cover expenses.  How much more we could do, how much greater our message could be – the message of welcoming all people and becoming better aware of our own ingrained assumptions and core beliefs – if we had access to additional funds.  More outside speakers?  Greater messaging in the media and elsewhere?  Reaching out to other communities?  The possibilities are great.  We think we could do much more. 

Would you be willing to consider a donation to Not in Our Town?  (We are a 501(c)(3) organization, so contributions are tax-deductible.)  A donation of any amount, from a number of supporters would give us an idea of how much our dreams could grow.

You may send a check or you could support us online; both of these options are detailed here:  Please consider supporting Not in Our Town.  And thank you for your consideration.
In peace,
Simona L. Brickers and Princess Hoagland
Co-chairs, Not in Our Town Princeton