Thanks to everyone who attended last night’s Continuing Conversation on Race & White Privilege at the Princeton Public Library. (Our next meeting will be on Monday, May 7th, at 7pm, back at the Princeton Public Library.)

One of the recurring themes that comes up in our continuing conversations is the extent to which we feel underserved by our formal education. Our schools are for the most part not giving us the context and tools we need in order to grapple with and dismantle the structural inequities that underpin racism and white supremacy.

One of our readers recently shared with us a website that could be helpful for those of us who have made the decision to address these gaps in our understanding: PBS’ Black Culture Connection site. Please check it out at http://www.pbs.org/black-culture/shows/list, and thanks for the tip, Ruth! (We will add a link to this site to our “Educational Videos and Podcasts” page as well.)