Registration is open for a live, interactive online workshop presented by the Center for the Study of White American Culture.  It will take place via Zoom videoconference on Thursday, August 2, 9 and 16, 2018  8-10pm EDT (5-7pm PDT).  Click here to register.  Cost: $75 per participant.
Blogger’s note: I took this workshop a month ago and thought it was excellent.  It is particularly useful for people who want to go deeper in their inner work to understand their own attitudes and behavior that unknowingly reinforces racism.
This workshop is intended to explore:

~ Colorblindness as a racial ideology
~ How colorblindness compares to white supremacy
~ How colorblindness compares to color consciousness
~ Origin and history of colorblindness
~ Problems and ramifications of colorblindness
~ Origin and history of color consciousness
~ Effectiveness of color consciousness as pathway to racial justice
~ Practical applications of color consciousness:
  • personal steps
  • societal remedies
A 6-hour live, interactive workshop offered in three 2-hour sessions, using the Zoom online videoconferencing platform. The workshop varies between didactic presentation, small group discussion, large group discussion, and slideshow presentations. A set of electronic resources (articles, videos, diagrams, etc.) is provided. The workshop is recorded for the benefit of participants who wish to review it later. Participants are invited to join a Google group for discussion between sessions and after the workshop ends. Light homework will be assigned between sessions.

PLEASE NOTE: The workshop depends in part on visual aids such as PowerPoints and infographics. While Zoom allows participants to phone in without a camera, we do not recommend this. The workshop is designed as a videoconference, and important content will be lost to participants lacking video capability. Please plan to use a device equipped with webcam.
The workshop touches on several topics in an introductory way, including:
* how colorblindness perpetuates white supremacy
* the coded language of colorblindness
* recognizing and naming whiteness
* benefits of color consciousness
* resources for further study, personal development and social action

Cost: $75 per participant. All registrations are final. We are not able to issue refunds for anyone who misses the workshop. Please register here.
For more information, contact:
Robin Alpern (914) 736-5447, robin.alpern (at)
Jeff Hitchcock (908) 245-4972, contact (at)
Please share this invitation widely!