Black History Month Presentation

1:30-3:30 p.m. @ Community Room 

Join us as we present three wonderful speakers focusing on the role of women and young girls in the desegregation of our schools.

Dr. Rachel Devlin of Rutgers University will discuss her new book A Girl Stands at the Door: the Generation of Young Women Who Desegregated America’s Schools. Ths story of how young women were pioneers in the desegregation of schools  throughout the country.

Darren  Green will discuss the landmark Hedgepeth-Williams legal case where two Trenton mothers challenged segregation in the Trenton schools.  In  Jan. 1944, the NJ Supreme Court ruled in favor of these women and the Trenton School system  was desegregated.  This decision laid the foundation for desegregation of schools throughout New Jersey.  This is the 75th anniversay of this historic legal decision.  The Hedgepeth-Williams case was cited 10 years later in milestone US Supreme Court decision Brown vs. the Board of Education.

Lisa Toro will discuss efforts to save the Higbee Street School- the last segregated school building in Trenton.