From Darlene Folas 

Sistas Choosing Abundance is a North Jersey-Based collective that aims to ground the activism and movement work of girls of color within rituals of radical healing and imagination. This collective is funded under the New Jersey Justice Collaboratives for Girls* Initiative, led by National Crittenton. 

I wanted to share some exciting paid opportunities that might be of interest to any girls of color within your network that are based in North Jersey. We are launching two inaugural programs (with stipends) for the new year, the “Imagination Lab” and “Healing Series”. 

  • “You have to act as if it were possible to radically transform the world. And you have to do it all the time.” –– Angela Davis
    Systems of oppression work by limiting our imagination of what is possible, so that we never imagine more for ourselves and more from the systems that govern our lives. The “Imaginations Lab” is a place for girls of color to get good at getting curious! Our labs allow participants to envision abundance within environments they currently see scarcity, support girls in bringing this social imagination alive, and help  create sustainable practices that fight for their vision every day! This program is made up of virtual workshops, guest speaker events, and in-person community building sessions.

  • Creating spaces for each other to reclaim our selfhood and joy is one of the most meaningful ways we can choose abundance.The “Healing Series” is a series of monthly in-person community events led by girls of color, for girls of color. This is an opportunity for girls to have total control over planning and executing events for their community that will be fully funded up to $1,000! Our goal is to inspire conversations, build solidarity, and have fun! We are looking for girls that are interested in designing and hosting these events.

This is our interest form. We invite anyone who’s interested in more information or joining our programs to fill it out. Link to interest form: 

If you’re interested, I’d love to schedule a time to chat about our work in more detail! I’d also love to better know you and your organization over a conversation! If that sounds good to you, please go to this link so we can talk about abundance!

 Link Calendly: