Frequently Asked Questions

Probably the best way to learn about Not In Our Town Princeton is to attend one of our monthly Continuing Conversations on Race and White Privilege. We hope that this website is also a helpful source of information. Below we will try to post answers to some of your more frequently asked questions.

General Questions

Surely racism isn't a significant problem in a progressive town like Princeton?

What we have learned, through coming together as a community and really listening to each other, is that the effects of systemic racism are very much in evidence throughout New Jersey, and yes, in Princeton.

Why are you called "Not In Our Town"?

At the time of our founding (in 1999), we took the name Not In Our Town after a group in Billings, Montana, that had united its community to deal with several bias crimes that had occurred there.

How are presenters at your Continuing Conversations on Race and White Privilege selected?

A subcommittee of our volunteer board serves as the programming committee for our Continuing Conversations series; they are typically talking to activists, authors, and other community leaders several months in advance.

Are Continuing Conversations sessions recorded?

The public presentation portions of Continuing Conversations are recorded when we have the permission and resources to support that. A playlist of some of our more recently recorded sessions is available here.

What is NIOT Princeton's connection to the Princeton Public Library?

The Princeton Public Library has been a generous partner of NIOT Princeton since the beginning, when our meetings were 6-12 people in a third floor conference room. (By 2019, our in-person meetings had long since been moved to the library’s main Community Room, in order to accommodate the 50-70 people who often attend our monthly Continuing Conversations series, which began in 2009.)

About Our Work

Continuing Conversations on Race & White Privilege

On the first non-holiday Monday of the month at the Princeton Public Library, NIOT Princeton holds Continuing Conversations on Race and White Privilege, which provide an opportunity for people from different backgrounds to talk about race-related topics.

Truth & Transformation

Launched in 2017, Not In Our Town’s Truth and Transformation Team focuses on working with community partners on acknowledging our history, committing to transformation, and seeking to drive change in the institutions of the Princeton community.

Unity Awards

Our annual Unity awards recognize 8th grade and high school students for their efforts to advance racial justice, equity, literacy, and address white supremacy, in the Princeton schools and beyond. This can include students organizing one-time programs and events, as well as longer term commitments, such as starting and providing leadership in clubs, volunteer work, and research.

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