James Baldwin Lecture Series: “The Limits Of The Quantitative Approach To Discrimination”

Virtual Zoom Event

What can the quantitative approach reveal, but, more importantly, in what situations  can it not tell us what we need to know, both because of the inherent limits of quantification and because of the way knowledge is socially constructed in quantitative communities? Annual James Baldwin Lecture series speaker, Arvind Narayanan, is a professor of computer […]

James A. Moffett ’29 Lectures in Ethics: Robert Gooding-Williams (Columbia) “Du Bois and ‘The Souls of White Folk'”

Friend Center, Lecture Hall 101, Princeton University Williams and Olden, Princeton, NJ

  Professor Gooding-Williams's paper, "Du Bois and 'The Souls of White Folk'" is a study of W.E.B. Du Bois's moral psychology of white supremacy. Du Bois means his moral psychology to serve two purposes.  The first is a social scientific explanation—specifically, the social scientific explanation of the domination and exploitation of the world’s darker peoples.  The […]


Leisure Justice: Pleasure, Policy, and the Promotion of Equality

Robertson 100, Arthur Lewis Auditorium 20 Prospect Avenue, Princeton, NJ

Shaun Ossei-Owusu is an interdisciplinary legal scholar with expertise in legal history, criminal law and procedure, civil rights, and the legal profession. His work sits at the intersection of law, history, and sociology, and focuses on how governments meet their legal obligations to provide protections and benefits to poor people and racial minorities. He also works on stratification in […]