News from Not In Our Town

Inaugural New Jersey Black Heritage Trail Sites Selected

The following 32 sites have been selected for the Black Heritage Trail in this inaugural nomination round. Markers will be placed at sites across New Jersey with 15 counties receiving at least one marker during this initial round. The markers will not only be...

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Reflections on recent Supreme Court Decisions

NIOT Princeton: Not in Our Town Princeton takes this opportunity to explicitly recommit ourselves to supporting policies that acknowledge and address the fact that persistent and pervasive racial inequities endure in American society. (Read NIOT Princeton's full...

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Video Premiere: Reparations in New Jersey

Slavery was not just a southern atrocity. New Jersey, which has been called the “slave state of the North,” has deep ties to the institution of slavery and its aftermath. In fact, New Jersey was the last northern state to abolish slavery and by 1830, over two-thirds...

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