Stoutsburg Sourlands African American Museum’s co-founders, Beverly Mills and Elaine Buck, and Education and Exhibit manager, Dr. Isabela Morales earned recognition in the world of television and filmmaking. The Price of Silence documentary, spearheaded by insights from Beverly and Elaine, and Dr. Isabela Morales, has been nominated for an NY Emmy in documentary filmmaking. Produced by Ridgeley Hutchinson, this two-part documentary shares the untold story of New Jersey’s enslaved people and the long legacy of slavery in the state.

“New Jersey is known as the Garden State,” Beverly Mills says in the film. “We’re known for our blueberries. We’re known for our corn. We’re known for our peaches. But we’re not known for the slaves that were here tilling the soil. We’re not known for the whole history of slavery connected to New Jersey and how slavery was the underpinning of much of the wealth of New Jersey.”

This NY Emmy nomination is a testament to the passion and dedication poured into this project. We are extremely proud that this film has been recognized among the best in the industry. Congratulations to the whole team at Truehart Productions and the cast members for their creativity and hard work!

The Price of Silence, Parts 1 and 2, can be streamed for free on the PBS website.