Unity Awards

Not In Our Town Princeton’s Unity Awards recognize students for their efforts to advance racial justice, equity, literacy, and address white supremacy, in the Princeton schools and beyond. This can include students organizing one-time programs and events, as well as longer term commitments, such as starting and providing leadership in clubs, volunteer work, and research.

  • Young people have often been at the forefront of social change.
  • We are proud to have created this opportunity to recognize & celebrate their work.
  • If you are or know of a Princeton Middle School or Princeton Charter School eighth grader or Princeton High School junior or senior who who you would like to see recognized this year, please click on the button below and complete the nomination form before midnight EST on Wednesday, May 11th. 
  • Watch our Events page for information about this year’s awards!
A 2019 photo of a group of racially diverse young people holding award certificates signifying that they have been awarded Not In Our Town Princeton's annual Unity Award.

Truth and Transformation

The formation of the T&T team was announced to NIOT members at the Continuing Conversations (CC) session in December 2017, when NIOT board members Shirley Satterfield, Fern Spruill and Larry Spruill talked about their lives and experiences with racism in Princeton. The moderator, Dr. Ruha Benjamin, noted that there cannot be reconciliation if there was no relationship to begin with, hence the name was changed to Truth & Transformation. An invitation was extended to the CC attendees to join the initiative. About 25 people signed up, and the first meeting was held in April 2018. The team has been meeting regularly since then (with a hiatus during the height of Covid) and has focused on self-transformation. As an example of racial justice action undertaken, T&T members appeared at the Town Council to make the case for recognizing Indigenous People’s Day, which resulted in Princeton Council Resolution 19-278. 

There is, of course, more racial justice work to be done. We invite all individuals who are passionate about transformation towards racial equity to join us on our journey. You need not be a Princeton resident to participate.

Continuing Conversations

On the first non-holiday Monday of each month, Not In Our Town Princeton offers a series of Continuing Conversations on Race and White Privilege, which are free and open to anyone interested in advancing their understanding of racial justice.