Not in Our Town Princeton distributes lapel buttons with the slogan “Princeton: Let Friendship and Pride in Diversity Prevail.” In that spirit, Princeton-based clergy and a Princeton-based national organization, Fellowship in Prayer, are sponsoring a day “to strengthen the ties in our diverse community,” as below.

The Princeton Clergy Association (PCA) is an inter-faith gathering of religious leaders committed to dialogue and understanding in our community. As elected leaders of the clergy association, we want to express our support of our Muslim neighbors. We believe in religious freedom and equality for all under the law in our nation and give thanks for the Muslim tradition that falls in the lineage of Abraham.

We seek to send a clear message of welcome and inclusion that counters the hateful and divisive actions and beliefs of far too many who have been given way too much attention in the media. We stand in solidarity with the Muslim community and will actively counter any disrespect, discrimination or vandalism of worship space, businesses, schools, or homes.

Please join us in the commitment to strengthening the ties in our diverse community. We invite you to join us on Tuesday, Sept. 21 at noon on Palmer Square as the Fellowship in Prayer sponsors Princeton’s participation in the UN International Day of Peace and the call to “a million minutes for peace.”

Rev. David A. Davis, PCA president,
Nassau Presbyterian Church

Rabbi Adam Feldman, PCA vice-president

Jewish Center of Princeton

Rev. Jana Purkis-Brash, PCA vice-president

Princeton United Methodist Church