On the Op-Ed page of today’s NYTimes there is an interesting article by a black man named John Edgar Wideman. The topic fits into our Monday night discussion perfectly.
The author is a professor who commutes a couple of times a week between NYC and Providence, RI, in a quiet car on the Acela train. So the picture here is all middle to upper middle, maybe even upper class. The seats are in pairs. He finds that even on crowded days, almost never does anyone take the seat next to him. Very interesting, though, alas, perhaps not surprising. Here is the link to the article.

Ann Yasuhara

For additional thoughts on the Monday night discussion, see LeRhonda Greats’ comment at the bottom of the post “It’s the Little Things.” That event, summarized on the national NIOT page, evoked a question from a man in Alaska. Not in Our Town Princeton may be determinedly local, but it has a wide reach.

Barbara Fox