A reading of this recent New York Times op-ed piece could be useful as we continue our conversation about addressing the concerns about bullying harassment, and intimidation. 

Authors Danah Boyd and Alice Marwick conclude that adults don’t always speak the same language as teenagers when it comes to talking about bullying. They point out that teens often will not identify as  bullies or as victims of bullies as it carries too high a social and psychological cost. Teens refer to their interactions as “drama,” therefore minimizing the impact. 

In order to engage with teens on this issue, we may need to reframe our language!

Please join NIOT Princeton at our series, Continuing Conversations on Race at the Princeton Public Library. These ‘first Monday’ discussions are a safe, confidential place to discuss difficult topics.  On Monday, October 3, at 7:30 p.m. we will discuss the topic of bullying. 

Wilma Solomon