For an unusual musical experience and an opportunity to bring people together, Neshamah Carlebach and the Green Pastures Baptist Church’s gospel choir, under the direction of the Rev. Roger Hambrick, will perform at The Jewish Center of Princeton, located at 435 Nassau St., on Saturday, Nov. 19 at 8 p.m. Tickets: $36, general admission; $72, reserved. To order, go to For more information, call the Jewish Center at 609-921-0100, ext. 200
From Friday’s Princeton Packet Time-Off Section: “for Ms. Carlebach, music is a spiritual venture, a way of awakening her listeners emotionally…” 

Quoting the website “Vidyid,” the Toronto-born daughter of the late Jewish mystic Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, the father of modern Jewish music, has taken up his mantle and is devoting her professional life to performing and recording his music both in Hebrew and English. 
“My father’s music is my music,” says Neshama (Hebrew for soul) Carlebach in a phone interview from her New York home. “He was a hugely prolific songwriter, and after his death, I began my professional career in fear that if I didn’t sing his songs, they would be forgotten/ 
“Everyone who hears us perform will share something meaningful and powerful,” she says. “Black and white, Jewish and non-Jewish, we are united – we are all one.”