Those who follow the work of Not in Our Town may also be interested in knowing about the African-American Interest Group at Barnes & Noble, MarketFair in Princeton. The discussion leader is Barbara Flythe, a co-founder of Not in Our Town. Book discussions are on fourth Mondays at 7 p.m. 
 January 23, 2012 
Before I Forget  by Leonard Pitts Jr.  is a first novel by this Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist. It is the profoundly moving story of a faded 1970’s soul singer who,diagnosed with early -onset Alzheimer’s, takes off on a  road trip from Baltimore to Los Angeles as he grapples with many regrets and seeks to  make peace with both  his troubled son and estranged father.   
February 27, 2012   
Whose Afraid of Post-Blackness? by Toure. In the age of Obama, racial attitudes and feelings about race have become increasingly complicated. Toure attempts to  explore what it means to be Black in America today. In addition to sharing the many ways racial identity and racial expectations have shaped his life, he interviews 105 well-known African-Americans for their opinions  and thoughts on the subject.    
March 26, 2012   
 If Sons, Then Heirs  by Lorene Cary  is a complex story of race, inheritance and “returning to the south” which spans  three generations in the life of an African-American family. Land and its title are the ties that bind this family as they come to terms with the legacy of the past and struggle with what to keep, leave behind or just simply try to forget.

“These are exciting reads  –  great for discussions!” says Barbara Flythe,  “All of the books are available at this site. I I look forward to seeing many of you as we begin our sixth year!”