Reactions to Bystander’s Dilemma: II

I thought the Bystander’s Dilemma event was fantastic.  Congressman Holt highlighted the importance of the effort by noting federal legislative responses to the bullying epidemic.  In their skits, both the young people and the more seasoned players showed the insidious effects of bullying and the difficulty in confronting and eliminating it.  The program  brought together many different parts of our community, joined by a common purpose, namely teaching tolerance for all, except for the intolerant. 

Changing behavior is very difficult, and it must begin with teaching the very young.  It also requires that leaders go well beyond lip service and demonstrate their commitment to human rights and the dignity of every person.  We have to teach people how, in an effective way, to stand up to bullies, champion targets, and encourage bystanders to stand up.  

The program may or may not catalyze our community’s long term actions.  It was certainly a good and a fresh beginning.  I am proud of the sponsoring organizations and the Princeton Public Library for putting such a wonderful program together.

 Hanan Isaacs –– attorney and mediator