Larry Spruill of Not In Our Town/Princeton leaves today to attend the Children’s Defense Fund Conference being held this week (July 22-25) in Cincinnati OH, accompanied by men likewise committed to re-directing the lives of black boys in the Princeton/Trenton area.

“We are so pleased he can attend, both because of what Larry will bring to such a gathering and because of what he can gain from it,” says Nancy Strong. 

She points out that this is the first conference that the Children’s Defense Fund has hosted since 2003. The  theme is Pursuing Justice for Children and the Poor with Urgency and Persistence:  A Community and Youth Empowerment Conference.  

“ETS, which is conducting a major workshop at the conference, knew what it was doing when it arranged for a complimentary registration for Larry,” says Nancy. 

ETS is running a symposium on Middle School Matters:  Improving the Life Course of Black Boys (of particular interest to Larry). When ETS prepared a video for its presentation, it interviewed some of the African American youths that Larry mentors. 

 Other conference sessions  will focus on:

–  Policy and Practice – What are the major challenges confronting children and families today?
Skills – How do we build the skills to successfully challenge injustice and close the gap between what we know works and what we actually do for children and the poor?
–  Community Engagement – How do we reweave the fabric of family and community to provide children and youths with a solid start in life and transition to successful adulthood?

Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow, will be one of the featured speakers in a session “Ending the Cradle to Jail Pipeline and Mass Incarceration. This is particularly encouraging for NIOT in Princeton, because next year we plan to focus on that book and that serious problem. 
Those who would like to financially support Larry’s attendance at the CDF conference can contact Nancy Strong at 

Those interested in working on “The New Jim Crow” initiative may also email