The topic for the October 1, 2012, Continuing Conversations on Race and White Privilege will be, not surprisingly, “Race and the Election.” Since the election of President Obama in 2008 there has been, in some quarters, a great sigh of relief saying something like “at last, we have moved into a post-racial era”. However, is that true?

Some other quarters aren’t about to give up their racism, whether they acknowledge it or not. Still other quarters, who really want to get to a true post-racial era, know that we are not there yet and that getting there will take a lot of time, effort and thoughtful and compassionate openness. Not In Our Town belongs to this last group.

We will consider various aspects of this election that are connected to racism. The really obvious one is the selection of the next president. There seems to be no doubt that President Obama’s race is a big factor for many. We can discuss some of those factors and how they are manifested or how they are hidden. But also there are less obvious factors – the role of race in the Tea Party and how it promotes its views and its candidates. What are the general undercurrents regarding race and government? How can we be alert to what they are? Some of these seem to relate to the idea of the “new jim crow” and some may relate to new current contest between traditional public schools and charter schools.

Bring your observations and ideas and join this discussion. Newcomers are most welcome. These sessions are a safe, secure place to discuss difficult issues. 

7:30 pm to 9:00 pm Monday, October 1
Second floor conference room of the Princeton Public Library

Or possibly in the “Princeton Room” also on the second floor.

— Ann Yasuhara