Witherspoon Presbyterian Church has moved its Noontime Recital series to Saturday afternoons, and it is now called  Witherspoon at Five. Everyone is invited to the first in this new series this Saturday, November 2, at 5 p.m. at Witherspoon Street Presbyterian Church.

This first concert is in memory of Trayvon Martin and all  children lost to senseless gun violence.  It will be a concert of music by the Witherspoon Chancel Choir, spoken words by Minister William D. Carter III and Cecelia Hodges, with a video presentation tribute.

It is also a call to action for everyone to take up the charge by contacting their respective elected officials and voting for REAL gun safety legislation with background prerequisites to help diminish and eventually eradicate these senseless acts of violence!  

There is a reception after the concert. It is free with a Love Offering if desired.