The Princeton community will host a parade and rally to insist on Justice for Mike Brown and to share our common grief, dismay, anger, and our commitment to future change. All are invited in solidarity and determination to fight for “equality and justice for all”—the words we say when we recite the Pledge of Allegiance.
DATE: Saturday, August 23
TIME: 2-4 p.m.
PLACE: Gather at 2 PM at Tiger Park (with the bronze tiger!), Nassau Street, just up from Palmer Square, Princeton—from where we will march peaceably along Nassau Street and Witherspoon Street to Hinds Plaza next to the Princeton Public Library
HINDS PLAZA: speeches, demonstrations of solidarity, cries for justice, songs and poems as you wish; each individual should probably keep remarks to 3 minutes
1) preferably cardboard or comparable, NOT on poles or sticks (though these are acceptable to Princeton police IF the signs do not block visibility—“There are no restrictions on poles and signs, providing that you do not block motorists vision or block private or public access”).
2) using language FOR justice, healing, and (radical) reform, and NOT “against the police” (we have an outstanding police department in Princeton which has worked long and hard the last couple of years to build much better relationships through their community/walk/bike the streets methods, not just sitting in patrol cars.)
3) should be VISIBLE for passers-by and cars on Nassau and Witherspoon
MARSHALS: We will need some people to volunteer as marshals to help us keep the walk in line; please let us know if you wouldf like to volunteer for this job.
Never again (we have said so many times) and now we must say it again, mean it, and live the words.
Please forward this post to your friends and colleagues, and ask them to forward this message also.