Continuing Conversations typically goes on hiatus during the summer months, but in the wake of the tragic shooting deaths of nine members of the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC, we have organized a special meeting on July 6th as a gathering to mourn the terrible racist act.

We want to offer all those affected an opportunity to openly express our sorrow, pain, anger and fear. Our plan is create an environment that supports deep and serious listening.

We will begin in some centered, reflective silence. Then we will ask people to freely verbalize their feelings and sorrow about the deaths. We will maintain 30 seconds of silence after each person expresses his/her thoughts. No questions or comments are to be made in response. African-American attendees will be given the opportunity to speak first, followed by each of those gathered as time permits.
We also plan to have a big poster with a message of support and condolences for the victims and their families. Each attendee can sign the poster, which will be mailed to the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston.

(Donation opportunities are also available here.)

Anyone whose heart is heavy in the wake of this terrible tragedy is welcome to join us in a spirit of deep listening and reflection  on Monday, July 6th.