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Readers of this blog are passionate about social issues such as racial equality and relations, white privilege, incarceration policies and the New Jim Crow, gender issues, equality in education, and bullying. Here is our chance to tell our personal stories and make an impact.

A new nonprofit, Sidebar Stories, invites anyone to a free workshop this Saturday, August 29, at Princeton United Methodist church. If you sign up, you will be called an “ordinary expert.” You will learn how to own and tell your story in a way that makes sure it will be felt by those who need to know where you’ve been and what you’ve seen.

Founded by a hospice chaplain in Bucks County, Ron King, Sidebar Stories helps people connect real life experience, storytelling and visual art. “We offer a full day workshop for people we call ordinary experts to share a personal story related to a significant social issue that has impacted their life (living on minimum wage, urban violence, disability, race relations, veteran’s issues, affordable housing, etc).” says Ron.

At the end of the workshop, you will have made a 3-frame storyboard that can be published or posted to help social justice  advocates affect policies. Sign up here for the Sidebar Stories pARTy — it’s free, and lunch is included. NIOT people — here is our opportunity!

“We are only powerless,” said Peter Guber, “if we fail to use the power of telling our own story.”