In his forthcoming book, Loaded Conversations, Matthew Kay writes of the urgent need for classroom conversations around race:

“It is hard for a student to unlearn empathy, to forget discernment, to dismiss the importance of solid evidence once they’ve grown used to demanding it… if we are training the next generation of teachers, entertainers, lawyers, and politicians; if we are molding thoughtful citizens, wise counselors, and people of righteous passion; then our classrooms must be deliberate in their approach to conversations about race. The next generation needs to be far better at this stuff than we have been. They are coming of age in a world of artfully disguised injustices, most of which will stay both invisible and vicious if people never learn to thoughtfully combat them.”

Join Matt and teachers from around the United States on Monday, December 12th at 8:30 EST for a live, online PD session that can help you not navigate difficult conversations around race.

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