Marshall Zamor died on March 29 in NJ State Police custody. BLM-NJ (Black Lives Matter) is supporting the Zamor family as they seek answers from the police and the attorney general, who have refused to release video of the arrest or the holding cell.

Black Lives Matter is asking allies to submit OPRA (Open Public Records Access) requests to the attorney general asking for release of information. Please take 5 minutes to add your information to this template (also below), print it and mail it.  A recent article about the case can be found here.  Share the link and the call to action–no need to be a NJ resident to mail a request.

Christopher Porrino
NJ State Attorney General
P.O. Box 7068
West Trenton, NJ 08628-0068

Dear Attorney General Porrino,

My name is [your name here]. I’m contacting you pursuant to P.L 2001, c.404, also known as the Open Public Records Act.  I am requesting all documentation and data relating to the investigation of the death of Mr. Marshall Zamor, in New Jersey State Police custody, following a traffic stop on the morning of March 29, 2017 including but not limited to: all relevant surveillance video from the NJ State Trooper John Doe’s patrol vehicle, state police barracks, and detention area in which Mr. Zamor was held; all investigative and incident reports; and all other memorialized information. The reply to this request can be sent to [your address] and if any payment for records is necessary please provide an invoice of all costs, and we will arrange for payment to be sent to you.