SURJ NJ (Standing up for Racial Justice) is a group of white activists accountable to Black Lives Matter.  The facilitators will be coming to the September 5 Continuing Conversation.

The following are their calls to action and resources needed (Updated end of June).  Follow the links for additional information on each action.

Here’s some things you can do easily from home (in or out of NJ) to support Black Lives Matter-NJ and their community work. Message us (SURJ-NJ) for more info.

Support Books & Breakfast programs:
Amazon wish list for books:

Support community garden & sustainable living efforts:

Mail an OPRA request to the attorney general to demand answers for #MarshallZamor‘s family. #Justice4Zamor Template here:…/1AR-A32jLZceg32J-qnln…/mobilebasic

Support Split Rock Sweetwater Prayer Camp. SURJ-NJ has several ways to actively support the camp and they have programs open to the public most weeks. Please like the Facebook page and share the information. Message us to get involved.

Donate household supplies, clothing, etc for Baton Rouge flood victims. Message us for pick up/drop off:

Make a financial contribution to BLM-NJ to support their ongoing work: use Venmo (SURJ-NJ) or PayPal (