Activism & ally-ship facilitated by SURJ

Are you involved – or do you want to be involved – in the fight for racial justice? Representatives from SURJ-NJ (Showing Up for Racial Justice), which organizes white people for racial justice under the guidance of Black Lives Matter-NJ, will discuss working in solidarity and with accountability to people of color, including local opportunities to support and get involved.

Please join us at 7:00pm on Tuesday (unusual day!), September 5th for our monthly Continuing Conversation on Race & White Privilege in the Community Room of the Princeton Public Library.

If you are committed to dismantling racism, you are welcome. Even better: bring a friend so you’ll have someone to share in the experience and talk with about what you’re learning.

Yours in the struggle,
Not In Our Town Princeton

PS: Bonus video!

The Resistance Revival Chorus The Resistance Revival Chorus understands the powerful role that music has played in freedom movements throughout the years.

We hope that this 3 min. taste might help inspire you to join this coming Tuesday!