This article “On Yoga and White Public Spaces” starts out with a quote by Sara Ahmed stating, “To name the problem is to become the problem.”  The quote accurately depicts the challenges faced by nonwhite people when attempting to engage in culturally sensitive issues.  The art of yoga derived from the Sanskrit word yuj translates as a spiritual practice to train both the individual mind and body to become self-observant and self-aware of ones nature by cultivating discernment, self-regulation, self-awareness, and higher consciousness.  For a fellow member of the studio, who is identified as a White woman to accuse a nonwhite member of attacking her because she spoke up about the woman saying Namastay Together instead of the customary Namaste!  For some, this may be viewed as a small slight nothing worth mentioning; however, in a space of higher spiritual practices one would desire an opportunity to bind emotionally.  To read the complete essay, click here.