main_logoHow do you feel about armed retired police officers in each of West Windsor-Plainsboro schools?
Did you know that the School Board and West Windsor-Plainsboro townships
are close to approving a proposal that would increase law enforcement presence in
schools starting this fall [2018]?
What can you do?

1. Click here to read about the basic FAQs and opinion about the proposal on the website created by Dr. Shin-Yi Lin, a WW resident, parent, and opponent of the proposal.

2. Join the mailing list of people who are working to oppose the policy of armed officers inside WW-P schools,

3. Attend the Plainsboro township meeting on Wednesday, July 11 at 7:30pm at the Plainsboro Municipal Complex, 641 Plainsboro Road.

4. If you are a West Windsor-Plainsboro resident, write to council members to share your opinion.
West Windsor: