Focusing on the documentary “America to Me,” about race relations at the high school in the affluent town of Oak Park, Illinois, on his program 1a, Joshua Johnson hosts:

  • Charles Donalson Former student, Oak Park-River Forest High School in Oak Park, Illinois. He is one of about a half-dozen students featured in the documentary “America to Me.”
  • Steve James Director and documentarian. His former projects include 1994’s “Hoop Dreams,” 2014’s “Life Itself,” and 2011’s “The Interrupters.” His latest is a 10-episode documentary series called “America to Me.”
  • David Stovall Professor of African American Studies, University of Illinois-Chicago
  • Amanda Lewis Director, The Institute for Research on Race and Public Policy at the University of Illinois Chicago; author, “Despite the Best Intentions: How Racial Inequity Thrives in Good Schools”;

To hear the program, click here.   Click here for a guide on racial inequality in education across the U.S., from ProPublica.