White supremacy: why it’s important to use this term

Continuing Conversations on Race and White Privilege, Monday, February 4 at 7 pm, Princeton Public Library.
In her ground-breaking article entitled, “No, I Will Never Stop Saying White Supremacy,” sociologiest Dr. Robin DiAngelo explains that “mainstream culture uses the term to refer to kkk, skinheads, etc. However sociologists and race scholars use it to describe the socio-political economic system of domination based on racial categories. The system rests on historical and current accumulation of structural power that privileges, centralizes, and elevates white people as a group.”

This program will examine the powerful implications of white supremacy culture for our daily lives and for our efforts at eliminating racism in all its forms.

Recommended articles to read in advance are “No, I won’t stop saying ‘White Supremacy'” and “White Supremacy Culture.”