[by ANDREW HARRISON, Staff Writer, Princeton Packet]

Shirley Satterfield, founder of the Witherspoon-Jackson Historical and Cultural Society and board member of Not in Our Town Princeton, was celebrated and recognized for her work when the Joint Effort Witherspoon-Jackson Community Princeton Safe Streets 2022 Summer Program held its kickoff reception at Studio Hillier on Witherspoon Street in Princeton on Aug. 5.

“It takes one person who cares, one person who has stood up, one person who said, ‘My history, our history, this community’s history is important’,” said John Bailey, founder of the Princeton Safe Streets Summer program.

Satterfield remarked, “I’ll keep on doing this history, because when I came here and when the history was not done and all they would talk about was white history, I said what about all the people who lived here.” To this day, Satterfield leads tours of the neighborhood that span Birch Avenue, Leigh Avenue, Clay Street, Witherspoon Street and Paul Robeson Place. She was instrumental in making the neighborhood Princeton’s 20th Historic District and in the installation of twenty-nine Heritage metal plaques to tell the history of significant sites within the community.

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