It’s time to show up.

Not In Our Town Princeton board members were deeply disturbed Tuesday evening to learn of a large sign* that had been hung on private land in a prominent spot in town. The sign’s language appeals to racist and anti-LGBTQ+ sentiments to make a statement about the upcoming Board of Education election. These types of comments have no place in a debate about the future of our schools, which should focus on the real challenges facing our schools and the students they are meant to serve. We call on anyone running for elected office to denounce this type of rhetoric in the strongest possible terms. We urge Princeton voters to reject these perspectives and focus on what is truly important for our school children as they go to the polls on Nov. 8. All children deserve to feel safe. All children deserve to feel they belong.

Not in Our Town Princeton is a local nonpartisan nonprofit focused on fighting racism and building inclusive communities; we do not endorse specific candidates, but we urge all voters to exercise their right to vote.

* click here to see an edited image of the sign